Jerry Foulkes Credits

Extremely experienced and creative executive producer with a reputation for taking new subjects – supermarket food (Jimmy’s Food Factory, BBC One) and cleaning (How Clean Is Your House? C4) and transforming them into breakout hit formats.
Credits include producing and commissioning for peak and daytime for BBC One, Two, Channel 4 and Five and senior roles at the UK’s leading independents including TalkbackThames, Objective, Mentorn, and TwoFour. Always interested in creating or delivering exciting projects.

2011    Executive Producer, BBC Scotland, Food Factory (BBC One)
After devising and producing the hit science format Jimmy’s Food Factory for BBC One I was asked to completely rethink the format when Jimmy Doherty was poached by C4. Pitching directly to then Controller Danny Cohen, Food Factory was commissioned with a new presenter and celebrity guests competing to make rival versions of supermarket food.

2010    Head of Mentorn Scotland – Cowboy Trap, The Big Questions (BBC One)
As Head of Mentorn Scotland I led the company’s expansion in Glasgow, delivering two big BBC One series; Sunday morning talk format The Big Questions and daytime consumer series Cowboy Trap. The company had limited experience in producing for daytime and had run into difficulties which I was able to reverse, delivering the series on schedule, achieving improved ratings and winning a re-commission for a third series.

2009    Series Producer – BBC Scotland, Jimmy’s Food Factory (BBC One)
I devised and produced the first series Jimmy’s Food Factory for BBC One. The series revealed how supermarket food is made - by making it from scratch and attracted 6m viewers becoming the most successful popular science launch for BBC One.

2008    Development Executive – BBC Scotland
As part of the BBC’s strategy to produce science programmes from Scotland I was tasked with developing and winning new business for the department. I won a very large first order for The One Show (the department is still a supplier today) and developed a brand new popular science format Jimmy’s Food Factory for BBC One.

2007    Series Editor – Two Four, Britain’s Dream Homes (BBC Two)
As the BBC moved towards extending low cost, high volume formats into early evening on BBC Two, I was asked to bring my Daytime expertise to develop and deliver a new property format Britain’s Dream Homes which combined architecture, history and design which was also successfully re-versioned for a showing on BBC One Daytime.
2006    Development Executive – Objective Productions, Fear of Flying (Channel 4)
Objective, well known for their entertainment hits, hired me to gain a foothold in factual programmes. I executive produced a bold new factual format for Channel 4 Fear of Flying and secured development funding for a number of new Channel 4 and BBC Three projects.

2003    Editor Factual – TalkbackThames
Head hunted from the BBC my first commission was the enormous hit How Clean Is Your House? (C4). It won 5m viewers, made Kim and Aggie household names, spawned an award winning book (which I wrote) and a US TV series which I co-executive produced. I followed up with How to Holiday (ITV) Dream Moves (Five) and the Grierson Award winning documentary feature Bye Bye Happiness (BBC Three). I also reformatted the existing formats Life Laundry (BBC Two) and Would like to Meet (BBC Three) and created special celebrity based episodes to refresh the brands.

2001    Senior Commissioning Executive – BBC Factual Commissioning
At the BBC I was charged with increasing the range and supplier base among independents for both Daytime and peak on BBC One winning first look from producers who previously took their best ideas to rivals. I developed and commissioned BailiffsThe Elvis MobPaul Daniels in a Black HoleStephen Fry and the Spectacled Bears, and Jukebox Heroes all from producers who had not previously been factual suppliers to BBC One. My creative role also included recasting Changing Rooms and Ground Force with new presenters and creating special editions – notably a garden for Nelson Mandela, which won huge ratings.